4 Fool Proof Tips For Thicker Natural Hair

My natural hair is currently the longest and thickest it’s ever been. I never imagined in a million years that I would prefer wearing my own hair over weaves and wigs. My hair had been neck length for as long as I could remember. It was also thin, straggly and had a lot of split ends. This was because I used to relax my hair, which is very damaging when done incorrectly.

My hair is currently armpit length, which is at the middle of my shoulders and bra strap. However you won’t know that because my hair grows up and outwards instead of downwards and it shrinks up to 90% of it’s length when wet! I also have ALOT of hair. Its both a blessing and a curse! Although my hair had been growing pretty quickly for two years, the third year of my natural hair journey was pretty challenging. I slowly started slacking in my hair care routine and  getting regular trims which set me back in terms of length and thickness. These past few months I have slowly getting my hair back to its former glory!

Here are some of the tips and products that have helped me get my hair back in tip top shape.


Don’t Skip The Trim

Seriously, if your hair needs a trim and deep down in your heart you know, please trim it. I know my hair needs a trim when the ends become dry, tangle easily and it is difficult to comb through my afro smoothly. If I leave my hair without trimming it, I end up with more breakage because I have to yank the comb through my hair. When you also trim your hair, you get rid of thin, see through ends which makes your hair appear fuller and thicker!

Double Up On Oil 

Oils are an age old hair secret that is very crucial to promoting growth and getting thicker hair. I love using natural oils like Shea butter and Jamaican Castor oil. I use Jamaican Black Castor oil daily on my scalp and throughout the length of my hair after spraying it with water. I love these oils because they are thick, moisturising and make my hair softer compared to other oils.


Oh Conditions, Conditions….

Conditioner is my hair’s saving grace. I don’t know where I would be without it! It makes my hair softer and more manageable when I want to comb it or style it. I don’t deep condition often but I use leave in conditioners almost everyday. The great thing about conditioner is that you can use a leave in or a rinse out, but as long as you use it often the health of your hair will improve because it will reduce dryness and breakage!

My current favourite conditioner is Aunt Jackie’s Quench Moisture Intensive Leave in Conditioner. It is definitely one of the best leave in conditioners I have used!


Be Patient

Hair grows about half an inch a month on average and it is slower for many people. Once you follow a good hair regimen your hair will grow! I would also stress the importance of loving and embracing your hair texture no matter what it is. Thin, thick, long or short. Hair envy is real and it makes you start manipulating your hair to look like something that it can never look like! This can cause a lot of damage internally and externally. I’m someone that always tries to enjoy the process of something than the end product, it makes it much more enjoyable! Be patient and enjoy your hair.

flower hair

Thanks so much for reading! What are your  tips for getting longer and thicker hair?


47 thoughts on “4 Fool Proof Tips For Thicker Natural Hair”

  1. My hair is not as long as yours but it’s quite thick and combing can be a bit stressful. As much s I deep condition, it’s still a bit difficult. Thanks for the tips will surely try them out.

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    1. Oh I totally feel your struggle! I don’t think a deep conditioner helps (at least for me) I use leave ins, lots of water and a thick oil! That will really soften up your hair. I also don’t comb my hair daily too, it’s usually in two strand twists or goddess braids cause I can’t stand combing my hair daily either 😂😂
      Thanks so much for commenting ❤️❤️

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  2. Just this morning I loosened my hair and had to look for a style to put it into. Oils, oils and combing. Christ! It was a while before I styled it into something suitable.
    I don’t have any specific hair care way, and while I tell myself it’s cause I don’t have to since I’m in school, I know it’s mostly laziness. I hope to really get into it and take care of it before this year runs out

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    1. Haha I know what you mean girl 😂😂 pure laziness! I just like to leave my hair alone in two strand twists now before I run mad with combing! And once you get consistent your hair will really thrive. Thank you for commenting! 💕❤️

      Pearl || thepearlylife.wordpress.com

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      1. The two strand thing twist… Do you divide your hair into large bits like 8 to 12 depending on the fullness of your hair or do you twist all of it in small bits? I once twisted in small bits, and when it was time to untangle them, the hair was very “tangly” (probably because I braided them at the beginning then continued with twisting, but how do you do yours?)

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      2. I usually do like 8-12 big twists now and just wrap it in an updo style! It’s quicker and less prone to those pesky tangles. I’ve also done the mini twists too. It took sooo long but I didn’t get much tangling either. I didn’t braid my hair at the root though, and I always moisturize and stretched it at night so maybe that helped a bit?

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  3. Oh and I hear quite a bit about the Jamaican castor oil. I just begun using coconut oil, and well, it’s okay. My hair is long and soft (except when it’s just after wash of course 😶), and it’s the reason why I’m mostly lazy at really working at it😅. Lovely post. Makes me want to actually kick start on beginning to give my hair the care it needs.

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      1. Uh… I have no regimen 😯
        I think I’m one of those that don’t overly care about the hair and it’s still good texture and length wise. It’s currently at my bra clasp level. Is that a term? I don’t know know the term for it. It’s almost at the middle of my back, but not exactly.

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      2. Wow you’re lucky 😳😳 I can’t dare try it oh my hair is very unforgiving if I neglect it sadly 😂😂 That’s such a good length! It’s called bra strap length haha and I think that’s my final goal length cause it’s so versatile with the styling options.

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    1. Thanks girl! I would say you should spray and moisturize your edges daily. Also massage Jamaican black castor oil on your front hair and scalp after spraying. The oil helps to grow it back quickly! If you are also doing hairstyles like braids and weaves you should take a break from them because that’s what usually makes our edges break and not grow. I hope I could help! Thanks for commenting 💕💕

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    1. Oooo yess castor oil has really helped my breakage especially at my ends and edges too! I’m so glad you liked my pictures and blog! Thank you so much for commenting 🖤🖤


  4. I have super coarse, thick, frizzy hair. It’s a serious pain. I shampoo once a week and rinse and condition 2x a week. When I condition, I have to apply a regular conditioner and then a leave on. OH and I deep condition 1x per week. Otherwise, my hair resembles Albert Einsteins and I can’t get me fingers through it. lol.

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  5. Thank you so much for this
    A year ago I did a big chop and now i am wanting to grow it back again so these tips are very helpful
    My big tip would have to be to always brush your hair


  6. Great tips! Castor oil has always been a favorite of mine, and always creates a thickness and volume. Necessary for blowouts, puffs, etc. Thanks for adding patience as a tip, because at the end of the day, we have to be content with the pace of our hair growth. Our hair is so versatile, it’s almost overwhelming. As black women, I want us all to keep focusing on tending to our own unique strands, and along the way be satisfied with our own journeys. Love your blog!

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    1. Very true words! I’m always amazed at the versatility of our hair. It’s so unique and beautiful and unlike any other hair on this planet. I think with time most Black Woneb will learn to appreciate and love our hair! Thank you so much for the lovely input and comment ❤️❤️

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  7. Great post! I’m currently transitioning from relaxed to natural and have found learning how to deal with natural texture of hair difficult because I’ve only dealt with my hair relaxed! Thank you so much for these tips and product recommendations! I will definitely have to try them out!!! ❤

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    1. Thanks girl, I know how you feel! When I was transitioning I couldn’t stand the two different textures I just couldn’t wait to chop it off. I just slapped a wig on it and left it alone 😂😂😂
      I think protective styling will help you a lot in the transitioning period. Good luck hun and thank you so much for commenting 💕💕


  8. My hair is down my back all the way to the butt. I keep it pinned up most of the time because the least wind hit it, it’s all over the place and anyone who ever had to fight their own hair knows what I’m talking about. Wash days are a hassle because when wet I can barely lift my head. Any recommendation for keeping it under control? If I wear it loose you can bet the curls are going to drop out and it’s going to be tangled by the end of the day.


  9. Does the BCO leave you with a bad residue? I want thicker hair like I used to have and if you say it makes your hair thicker then I want it too lol see if it works for me 🙂


  10. Thanks for sharing your tips on thicker hair . I love being part of this community . I am new on here but I am also a natural hair blogger . Please check out my own page in your own time and I would love a follow back


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