4 Ways To Improve Your Blog Photos 

Taking photos is an integral part of social media these days and this includes blogs! Having a few high quality, interesting photos on your blog increases your chances of viewers reading your posts. I have been blogging for a few months now and I have learnt a few tips that helped improve and increase my knowledge on blog photography. Here they are!


1. Invest in a quality camera:- I currently use a Canon Powershot SX700HS which is a compact digital camera. I also have a Canon 600D which is a larger DSLR camera but I personally think the digital camera is sufficient for basic blog photography. You can also get digital camera’s for under $200, but spending hundreds of dollars can be impractical for many new bloggers. Using your smart phone camera is a great option to take pictures. I take pictures with my iPhone 6 and 5 occasionally (The first image above was taken on my iPhone 5!). However, investing in a quality camera is only half the battle. Learning how to control basic functions such as the white balance, ISO and Aperture can really increase the quality of your photos.

2. Pay close attention to your lighting :-  It can make or break your picture. The best tip I can give is to take your pictures facing natural sunlight near a window. Preferably at morning or late evening, diffused by the curtains. I have learnt my lesson the hard way multiple times. My current house lacks a lot of natural lighting so my recent photographs have suffered significantly. Here is an example of one of my least favorite photos on my blog:

It was taken in a dim room at night. Personally, I think it looks washed out, dull, and grainy. It was also a pain editing this photo because it was so dark to begin with!

But one of my older pictures, taken under a window with natural sunlight. Looks more natural and sharp. Here:


So adequate lighting is very important in a picture.

3. Change your angle:- Experiment taking photos at different angles. It could be facing up, facing down or at 90 degrees. Placing your subject off the camera also adds an interesting and unique vibe to your photograph than straight on. Experiment with this the next time you take a picture and see if it comes out nice.


4. Edit your photos:- I use apps on my iPhone and MacBook to edit my photos. Most pictures hardly ever come out perfect so it is good practice to edit your pictures before posting them on your blog. Here are my favorite iPhone and Macbook applications:


  • VSCO :- Most people know this app, for a good reason! It is a great editing app that has a wide array of filters to use.
  • Canva :- This app superimposes texts on your photos. I recently discovered this app and I think it’s a valuable app for bloggers.


  •  Photoscape X:- Most extensive editing app I know in the Apple Store. It’s also completely free! It’s amazing for editing photos on your laptop.

Those are my tips for improving your blog photography. I’m still a beginner and improving but I hope this was helpful and you enjoyed this post!

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30 thoughts on “4 Ways To Improve Your Blog Photos ”

    1. You are welcome dear! I especially recommend PhotoScape X if you have macbook and once you get a digital camera it will definitely make your blog photos like 10x better. Glad I could help and thanks for commenting! xx

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    1. Yes lighting is so important it makes such a huge difference! And don’t worry about your blog photos with the iPhone I went through your blog and I think they look great! Thank you so much for commenting!

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  1. This is really attention-grabbing, You’re a very professional blogger. I’ve joined your rss feed and look ahead to in quest of extra of your fantastic post. Additionally, I’ve shared your web site in my social networks

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    1. Same especially Canva it’s such a nifty app! I just started using Pinterest for my blog and it seems cool but sooo confusing too 😂😂 here’s to me being hopeful that we get better at this blogging thing. Thank you so much for commenting 💕💕


  2. Hello, I am a very new blogger and I found your post to be very helpful! I am currently only using a phone camera to capture my photos and yes, I do hope to get a better camera down the road one day. You gave a lot of useful tips which will help me make my photos and blog better. Thank you!

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  3. Hi!
    I really liked your post and it helped me.
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    I’m new here so pls follow, I defenately follow you.. 😀

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  4. The camera got me totally love everything about this post been saving up to get myself a camera where do you recommend I purchase mine thought they where more expensive than $200


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