The Ultimate Natural Hair Routine: For Thick, Curly Hair

I stopped perming my hair a few years back and decided to embark on a journey of embracing my kinks and coils. It has not been a very easy one and I have had multiple set-backs in 2 years but I would not trade this glorious hair for the world!

A little bit about my hair….

  • I have type 4, low porosity natural hair. This means that my coils are very tight and some areas of my hair do not clump together to form a visible curl pattern. My hair also does not take up moisture quickly.


Knowing these facts about my hair helped me build a simple regimen that makes my hair flourish and grow.

Soak/Spritz your hair daily with water: Curly hair (especially low porosity) needs a lot of water to be moisturized and soft. Oil’s are not moisturizer. They only seal moisture in your hair.  Water is the ultimate moisturizer. I stand in the shower for 2 minutes to let my hair be fully saturated.

Condition your hair daily: My favorite conditioner is Shea moistures Raw shea butter restorative conditioner. It helps with detangling my hair and removing shed hair. I apply generous amounts and rinse out after 3-5 minutes. It also acts as a leave in conditioner.


Utilize Heavy creams: Shea moistures curl enhancing smoothie adds that extra dose of moisture and defines my coils. I use it 2-3 times a week as needed. 

Shampoo your hair often: Hair buildup is not cute. It’s clogs your hair follicles and promotes breakage and stunted growth. I try to shampoo my hair once a week with any shampoo I have around. My current favorite is Head & Shoulders classic shampoo

I also do hairstyles that stretch my hair occasionally. These include twist outs and braid outs. I only do stretched styles when I feel like having longer hair but for the most part I embrace my hair shrinkage. 

That’s it! I hope you guys liked this post. What is your ultimate curly hair routine? 

8 thoughts on “The Ultimate Natural Hair Routine: For Thick, Curly Hair”

  1. Do you use any hair product that doesn’t need to be washed afterwards? Like a mousse for curls but in form of a cream. I use one from Portugal but I was searching for a good one here in the UK

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    1. Yes the Shea moisture “curl enhancing smoothie” and “curling gel soufflé” do not need to be washed out! You’ll just apply it on damp hair and it weighs your hair down and defines your curls. However if you’re looking for a nice mousse I suggest Tressemes mousse! Its really good

      Thank you for commenting 💕💕

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  2. Yaaaay, finally.

    Thanks for sharing. I am also a type 4c hair with low porosity. I use argan oil shampoo and Cantu Co Wash Conditioning.

    After that I seal with Cantu Repair Cream and coconut oil. I explore other products when I’m wearing a protective style to keep my hair moisturize.

    But wash days are my best days. I love my ‘mane’ and won’t trade it for anything else in the world!


    1. Yasss you’re welcome! Wash day is my favorite now too! Detangling was a chore but now I don’t mind.

      So many people use Cantu products but they never seem to work on my hair 😪😪 and they’re so affordable I wish they did

      Thank you for commenting 💕💕💕

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