London: My experience at the ZSL London Zoo 

I have an irrational phobia for many animals like dogs and cockroaches. That being said, I should be the last person going to the zoo. However, this was something I really wanted to do before I leave the UK. The last time I came to the London zoo, I was only 1 years old! For some reason, the only memory I retained was holding my moms hand and looking up at the tallest giraffe.

I wanted to come back here to reconcile with my old memories and make new ones! I saw a lot of beautiful and strange animals that I usually only see on TV. I also noticed that zoo animals are much more calm in real life. 80% of the animals I saw were either sleeping or eating grass. Except for the monkeys, monkeys are crazy.

 The main highlight of my trip was seeing a gorilla . I believe I saw Kumbaka who is around my age and weighs 190 kg! It came out of the bushes and walked slowly around the perimeter of its enclosure before retreating into the bushes. They are truly majestic animals.

I am so glad I came and it is an experience I will probably not forget again.


Visit the ZSL London Zoo website for tickets and more information.

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